is the all new, full-featured land rental website.  Our site was created to meet the needs of LAND OWNERS who want to lease land, and FARM OPERATORS, who want rental land to expand their operations. 

Land rental is one of the most critical business practices within the agricultural sector, affecting farms of all types.  Over the years, renting farm land has increased significantly, in fact, for almost 40 years, the proportion of farm land that is rented (vs. owned by those farming it) has risen every year!

Because land rental is so important, it’s no surprise that farmers go to great lengths to find out about land lease opportunities, and to get a chance to expand their acres.  Yet, finding farm land for rent can take a lot of time and energy, which is a shame, especially when the internet affords the technology to save so much of this time and hassle!

Landowners are also looking for better way to lease land. Many discover that there’s no way to attract widespread attention for their property when they want to rent their land. Unless they know a farmer first hand, it’s hard to find a tenant or the right form of advertisement. Currently, Canada’s largest online classified system doesn’t even have a land rental category, so landowners are posting land for rent in the ‘farm equipment’ or ‘land for sale’ categories, for lack of a better option. This means that a farmer who hasn’t specified the right search parameters will miss the ad completely! Print advertising can be costly, and there’s no assurance through these methods that interested farmers are finding out about the opportunity. Some landowners find the experience of calling back and forth between interested tenants to be time consuming, and uncomfortable, especially when it comes to negotiating a fair price. In any land lease agreement, the value of the land and the price paid, are significant considerations. Some landowners are very knowledgeable about the worth of their land, but many are not, and would prefer a system that lets them assess the market value. provides a way to significantly reduce the time and hassle for both farm operators, and landowners – adding much value to both sides of the equation.

Our services have been 100% custom created to target the most prominent land lease needs of farmers and landowners. is pleased to have been recognized as a regional recipient of the 2013 Ontario Premier's Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence.