Before we explain how works, we feel it's important to comment on what our goals were for creating this service.

The cornerstones of any good business include:

  • knowing the customer,
  • understanding the customer's needs,
  • and, meeting the customer's needs.

At, we don't just want to offer a good business, we want our service to be great! 

We've worked hard to offer a simpler and more efficient way for landowners to advertise land for rent and find tenants for their agricultural land,  and for farm operators to find land for rent. In doing so, we had to keep in mind two kinds of clients. Because landowners and farm operators have distinct needs, we had to keep the interests both groups at the forefront, and in some cases, balance between them. Our ability to meet your needs also depends on our ability to run a sustainable business ourselves. The diagram below illustrates our commitment to our clients' needs, the framework that has guided the creation of our process, and what will guide our ongoing service.


We recognize that the needs of LANDOWNERS (as a group) are different than the needs of FARM OPERATORS. We also recognize that within the landowner or farm operator category, different individuals have unique needs, based on their values and circumstances. While the old saying, 'you can't please everyone all the time' has some truth to it, we are confident that our services will add value to all of our individual clients.

We have delicately created our services in order to maximize the value we can add to both landowners and farm operators. We are committed to working with our customers on an ongoing basis to make sure we are offering value!