is pleased to offer two approaches to farmland rental. When we originally launched, we only offered our custom tender process. This was a brand new tool for farmland rental, allowing landowners to receive multiple private offers through a secure and fair platform. As cash crop farmers, we believe this to be the ideal method of renting land for all parties. 


That said - there are always unique circumstances, including farmland for specific circumstances, lease terms, or individuals involved who are best suited to the traditional classified method of listing land. This approach is similar to any other newspaper or online method of advertisement and follow-through. In order to provide the most complete service options to our users, we have now included this option. For classified ads, any viewer can see farmland rental advertisements and make use of the landowner's included contact information to directly reach out concerning the opportunity. As an added benefit, *registered farm operators* can sign up at no-cost, and customize your own email alert settings; this means our system will notify you automatically when land matching your preferences becomes posted. 


The graphic below is specific to our tender process: 

(***Please note: is currently FREE for all users until further notification. You can disregard any information pertaining to payment, with the exception of optional 'ad pack' purchases.***)




This diagram summarizes how helps landowners list farm land for rent and find potential tenants, and how farm operators can stay up to date about land rental opportunities and never miss out on making an offer! 

Landowners also have the flexibility to end their advertisement early if they have received a good number of offers, and are happy with the average offer value, as displayed privately within their account. Choosing to end a listing early will trigger a 48 hour time frame before closing, during which offers will still be accepted. Operators who have flagged the listing on their watchlist will be sent a reminder, giving them a chance to place an offer in time!

Operators also have some built-in flexibility. Throughout the time an advertisement is active, farmers are permitted to change their offer amount, if necessary. We recognize the challenge and uncertainty of planning ahead for an increase in acreage, and want to afford flexibility to operators as well as landowners. If you find you have acquired enough acres for the upcoming season and your demand for more acres has diminished, you may lower your offer by up to 20%. Operators may not withdraw their offers entirely, however. On the other hand, if you have not gained the acres you want through other listings, you may raise your offer at any time to increase the likelihood of getting selected for your remaining active listings. Of course, by making sure your account preferences are up to date, you will also receive ongoing email alerts whenever more farm land for rent becomes available!

From every angle – we've got you covered!

It is important to note that's process is not an auction. The offers made, are not 'bids', and what each farmer offers is blind to all, until after the listing closes – and then, only the landowner (who agrees to complete the process by receiving all offer details) will know what offer you made. We strongly favour an offer process above an auction system, feeling confident that farmers will offer competitive rates that reflect the land's value, without the pressure of an incremental public bidding system.

We respect the privacy of our users and do not publish who has 'won' an offer after it closes. Individual users can always access their own renting history while logged into their account. Landowners can also access the history for any previous listings made through Because we're not an auction, the highest offer does not necessarily 'win', and the landowner can select his/her tenant based on whatever criteria he/she values most. We believe that an offer system is the most responsible way to balance the needs of all parties involved. benefits:

  • Saves Time & Hassle
  • Simple, User-Friendly Website
  • Comprehensive Features to Ensure Fairness and Benefit for Users
  • Makes Use of Available Technology
  • Mobile, Portable, Accessible
  • Full Social Media Integration
  • Friendly, Supportive Customer Service