Landowners – Use of this website for posting farm land for lease, reviewing offers and selecting your choice of farm operators is 100% free. Yes, that’s right – FREE! Landowners may choose to purchase an optional advertising package of roadside property signs at a low cost of $34.99. These are not required, but are recommended in order to attract extra interest in your listing, and ensure you receive an offer from all operators who want to farm your land! Providing landowners follow our Terms and Conditions, there will be no other charges for using Landowners have no obligations throughout the time a listing is active except that they commit to the process and will not rent their land (or attempt to) during this time, through alternate methods. Landowners should direct interested parties to make an offer through If at the end of the listing period you are not assured that you are comfortable proceeding with one of our operators (based on your satisfaction with the average price/acre offered and the total number of offers placed), you are under no obligation to continue. You may advertise your farm land for lease again, with us or elsewhere, with no penalty. In the event that you decide not to proceed with selecting one of our operators, all operators’ will be credited with a free offer on their account. You are only obligated to select one of our operators after you are satisfied with your average price/acre offered and total number of offers received, and choose to proceed with the selection process.  Landowners who do not follow-through with selecting a farm operator after agreeing to do so, will be subject to a renege fee, equal to the operator's service fee that would have been received from the average offer, or $500, whichever is less.

Farm Operators – You may use most of our website’s features for FREE! You can use our quick search and advance searches at no cost. You can create your own customized preferences and receive free e-mail alerts when land matching your location and preferences becomes available, and before listings on your watchlist close. Farm operators are charged a nominal fee of $20 for each offer made through our website, or, may choose to purchase a package of multiple offers at a substantially reduced rate. If you are selected as the winning operator by a landowner, will collect a low service fee based on the offer price/acre, acreage and lease length.  Our introductory fee will be 1.5% of the total lease value of the winning operator's offer. accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express for payment through our secure, online payment gateway.

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