If any user feels a payment error has occurred, they should contact directly to resolve the issue and/or receive an explanation. Fraudulent chargebacks will not be tolerated and may be forwarded to collection agencies and result in a user being banned from further use of’s services.

See below for refund policies specific to Operator and Landowner charges.  Please refer to our complete Terms and Conditions for more information.




Single Offer:
At the time an operator places an offer for a rental listing, they will be charged a flat rate fee*, or, if the user has any offers credited to their account (either previously purchased, or awarded through promotion code), one will be deducted instead of charging a fee.  



Offer Pack:
Operators may purchase a number of offer credits in advance, at a substantially reduced rate. * These packs will often be offered as special promotions through our newsletter, or social media sites.

In the event that a landowner has received any number of offers on a listing (even 1), but chooses NOT to proceed with selection of an operator based on these offers – each operator who has placed an offer will automatically receive a ‘free offer’ credit on their account. Free offer credits have no expiry. If an operator who paid the ‘single offer’ fee prefers to receive a refund issued to their credit card, instead of a free offer credit, will promptly issue a full refund. is not obligated under any circumstances to offer refunds for ‘offer pack’ offers or any other promotions purchased through the website, including pro-rated refunds for unused offers.

Offer credits are non-transferable.

Service Fees:
After placing an offer on a rental listing, the winning operator selected (by the landowner) will be charged a service fee. The fee calculation is % fee* X offered price/acre X lease length in years. At the time of placing an offer, the total service fee will be displayed for the operator to review, however the operator’s credit card will not be charged unless/until the landowner notifies us that the operator has been selected.

Refunds are not available for service fees. terms and conditions expressly state that fees are for use of's services, and are not tied in any way to the completion of a binding agreement between any parties. Operators are only able to place an offer after acknowledging that they will be automatically charged a fee if they are selected as the winning offer.  Only the winning operator’s credit card will be charged. Accordingly, will not refund offer fees, as our service in handling their offer submission has already been used to facilitate a potential lease match. Landowners and Operators are responsible for negotiating and enforcing their own lease after using’s services; regardless of whether either party changes their mind after the fact,’s services have already been provided and payment will not be refunded.




Optional Ad Package:
Landowners may purchase an optional ‘Ad Pack’*, containing promotional lawn signs for their property, and other promotional items to help them attract more interest in their listing by local farm operators. No additional shipping charges will apply. reserves the right to issue refunds on ‘Ad Packs’ ordered through our service on a case by case basis. Customers who feel a refund is warranted should contact us at to discuss their situation.

Renege Fee: 
If a landowner renege’s on their commitment to select one of the operators to fulfill their lease, they will be charged a fee equal to the service fee* that would have been collected by had the landowner followed through, OR, $500, whichever is less. After a listing has closed, the landowner receives the average price/acre offered through our service, as well as the total number of offers received, prior to accepting any obligation to choose one of the operators. At the time the landowner agrees to receive the contact information, profiles etc. for the operators who have made offers, the landowner is committing to either select one as the winner, or pay the renege fee. This fee would only apply in rare circumstances, and is used to prevent landowners from circumventing our payment process, and/or using our system to obtain valuable market information about their land value, without intention to use the application as intended.

Service Fee on Behalf of Operator:
In the rare event that a landowner selects an operator, but the operator’s service fee cannot be processed by, both the operator and landowner will be notified. The operator will have 24 hours within which to provide payment by credit card, after which the landowner will have the option to select another operator instead, or, to pay the service fee on behalf of the operator, for which he/she may require reimbursement as a final lease condition. In this scenario the landowner’s credit card will be charged the amount of condition due from the selected offer. is not obligated to refund landowner renege fees under any circumstances.









Refunds are not available for service fee payments. 

*Please refer to’s Pricing section for current fees.