Your land is valuable - but when it comes to farmland rental, 'value' means more than just price. It means a great match!

This is why offers TWO options for renting your land.
For those wanting a traditional classified ad approach to farmland rental - we've got you covered! You can list your land, share it on social media directly from our webpage, and make use of our incredible automated email system to notify interested farmers about your opportunity - all at NO cost! With a classified ad, you can share your personal details and farmers will contact you directly if interested. Classified ads are the best route for landowners who want to field emails and calls directly, and in real time - or, for those unique land uses which may be tougher to rent out through an offer-based approach. Classified ads may not be the best choice for all farmland parcels or landowners. This is why... also offers an award winning online tender based system. This is the option we recommend for quality cash crop farmland, or other land which is in high demand.'s tender process is NOT a classified ad. With a classified ad: 

You can't be sure who has seen your ad, or whether the best tenant even knew your land was 'for rent'!
You waste a lot of time and hassle with back and forth phone calls and emails.
If you don't know what your land is worth, you're left vulnerable to offers that don't reflect your land's value.
You never know until it's too late if the 'next call' after making a decision, would have been a better match!

Instead, pauses the traditional rental process, letting you:


Get maximum exposure Receive competitive offers that tell you your land's value  Receive all offers before feeling any pressure at all!

Whether you choose a traditional classsified ad, or a tender-based ad, is the best tool to find your rental match.
With our no-cost service, you have nothing to lose, but so much to gain! 

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