What are the advantages of using RentThisLand.com? 

Time Savings - Our simple, hassle-free process helps you summarize the facts about your property and attract the tenants that will match your needs. Our process also eliminates the need for back-and-forth calling and emailing to negotiate your lease.
Exposure for Your Listing - Once you create your listing, our website will automatically notify users who are already waiting for land like yours. New farm operators register on the website daily, and if your land matches their location and criteria, they will receive an email to let them know. Plus, our eye-catching property signs let local farmers know your land is .for rent., and our internet integration means that your listing can be emailed or shared on Twitter or Facebook in seconds. 
Competitive Offer Process - Instead of wondering whether you.re receiving a fair lease rate, if you use Rentthisland.com's tender option - now you can know for sure. Receiving competitive offers means farmers will put their best price forward. You do not have to select the highest offer, but you will gain insight into the market value of your land. Plus, we save you the uncomfortable task of asking potential tenants to pay more, or dealing with awkward negotiations.
Flexibility and Control - You set your own lease terms, the length you want the listing to be open for offers, then monitor the $/acre and total number of offers privately from your account. If you want to end your listing early, you can! Farmers who have flagged your land on their watchlist will then receive notice automatically so they can make an offer before the listing closes. 
No Obligation Until You are Satisfied - If you are not satisfied that the average price/acre and the total number of offers received would give you the tenant and value you want, you have no obligation. If you're not satisfied with the offer summary when your listing closes, you are free to re-list with us, or elsewhere at no penalty. Only after you review the summary of Rentthisland.com lease offers and choose to receive the detailed offers, will you be committed to selecting one of our operators. 
What does it cost me to use RentThisLand.com?

Landowners can use Rentthisland.com for free, however you must read and agree to all terms and conditions prior to listing your land for rent.  Please refer to our Pricing and Payment page for more specific information about placing your farm land for lease. Landowners may also choose to purchase an optional Ad Pack of property signs at a low cost.
What if I want to personally handle the phone calls, emails and negotiations during the listing period? 

Short Answer: Do not use the tender process option. Instead - choose the classified option.
Long Answer: Some landowners may prefer to simply list land for rent, then receive phone calls and emails as they come. In these cases, landowners should not list their land on Rentthisland.com's tender based platform because this process does not work this way. The tender approach does not operate like a classified advertisement site. Instead of handling interest throughout the entire time a listing is posted, (as would be the case after posting a classified ad), Rentthisland.com pauses the process to give more farmers the chance to find out about the land rental opportunity. This way, farmers have a greatly increased chance to make an offer on the land without fearing that someone may call the landowner right before them, causing them to miss out altogether. This also benefits the landowner because all offers can be compared at once, rather than one at a time over the course of days, weeks or months. Knowing this, farmers have an incentive to put their best offer forward. As a result, landowners have a good indication of their land.s market value before they make a decision about which farmer to select. With Rentthisland.com you can still call prospective tenants, negotiate and discuss to find the best match . the only difference is that you need to wait until your listing closes before doing so. The advantage is that you get to review all the offers and farmers. background information beforehand, and only need to contact those you feel might be a good fit. 
Those who prefer to negotiate as offers come in individually are better suited to use the classified ad approach to land rental. Please select this option on Rentthisland.com when you go to list your land. 
What is the going rate for land in my area? Can you tell me what my land is worth? 

Rentthisland.com cannot provide any advice to landowners or farm operators with respect to a property.s value. First, we are not real estate agents or brokers, and providing advice of this nature falls outside of our expertise; we offer a website as a neutral venue for landowners and farm operators to explore real estate rental opportunities on their own behalves. We do not trade in real estate and cannot provide assistance in this regard. Second, the value of any piece of rental land is dependent upon so many variables that it would be virtually impossible to provide accurate advice in this regard. People often assume that there is a 'going rate' for rental land that is based on region. This is not the case. A land's value depends on the terrain, the drainage, the soil type, how the land has been farmed, what treatments have been used etc., all of which vary tremendously. One property may have a greatly different value than a piece located only kilometers away. Farmland values also depend upon wider market conditions, such as commodity prices. This is why we encourage landowners to include as much information as possible when creating a listing. Farmers will be able to review the information you provide, view the land, and make competitive offers that reflect your land.s value. By receiving blind offers on your property you will gain a good understanding of what your land is worth. 
What information do I need to create a listing?

Rentthisland.com offers a listing template, prompting you to include valuable information that will help farm operators decide whether they want to rent your land.
The template includes the following sections (not all of which are mandatory):
  • - Title of Listing (whatever title you choose!)
- Land Type (i.e. crop, pasture or other)
- Workable Acres/Is the value verified by GPS? (the total acres that can be farmed/used)
- Land Description (your general description of the property)
- Soil Type (various pre-set options)
- Soil/Crop Treatments (i.e. manure, cover crops etc.)
- Crop Rotation History (i.e. most recent crops planted)
- Drainage (i.e. whether the land has tile drainage, and if so, what kind)
- Road/Equipment Access Description (i.e. any load restrictions, narrow gates or bridges etc.)
- Address
- Meets Organic Requirements? 
- Lease Length (in years)
- Lease Start Date (i.e. when your land will become available for rent)
- Length of Listing (i.e. how long you want the listing to be open for offers)
- Lease/Payment Terms (i.e. when and how do you expect to be paid, what conditions are in the lease agreement etc.)
Many of the above sections include pre-set drop-down options to help you make your selection. Many fields are not mandatory, but are included to help you create the most complete listing possible.  You absolutely must include the workable acres, a description of the property (even briefly), the address, lease length, lease start date, length of listing, and information about your lease/payment terms. 

You may not include any personally identifying information, contact information or price expectations for the land if you are creating a tender ad. You MAY include this information if you have chosen to create a classified ad. 

Before your listing is posted on the website, you will be prompted to review the details for accuracy. Your confirmation page will display a large map, with your land.s map location marked with a red pin. Sometimes the pin will not be in the correct spot.  Please double check the pin.s location and if necessary, move it to accurately reflect your land.s location (by clicking on the red pin, and dragging it to the correct place). 
What if I don't know all the details about my land? 

If you don't know all the details, be sure to include as much information as you do know.  The more information you are able to include, the easier farmers will be able to determine if they would like to make an offer to lease your land. It is important that you only enter accurate information; if you are unsure of any details, please indicate your uncertainty in the 'land description' section.
Can I edit my listing after I post it? 

After a listing has been posted, you will receive an email confirming your listing. This email will provide you with instructions on how to upload photos to your listing via email, if you wish to do so. If you wish to edit other details of your listing you must contact Rentthisland.com to make the changes on your behalf. This is to ensure that any substantial changes (i.e. lease length, acres, lease starting date or other critical information) are handled properly if offers have already been received on your listing. If a farmer has already placed an offer based on the information you have provided, a significant update could impact their interest in renting your land, or their offer price. If situations like this arise, our administrators can trigger a 'critical change' notice on your listing, which will be sent out to any farmers who have made offers; farmers will be notified about what changes have been made, and will be provided with a link to retract their offer if they choose. If no offers have been made on your listing, or if the edits are minor, we will simply update your listing information on your behalf, according to your instructions. 
What's included in the Ad Packs? Should I order one?

Our standard Ad Pack includes two large property signs (similar to a real estate sign, ground stakes included), which can be assembled in minutes and placed at your property, and a smaller phone pole sign  which you can attach to fence posts or phone poles at your property, or in the vicinity. If you are ordering an Ad Pack for a large piece of land, please contact Rentthisland.com to arrange for additional signs to be included in your pack at no additional cost. These signs will alert local farmers that your land is 'for rent', and will direct them to the website where they can review the listing details and consider making an offer. The signs also mark your property's location so that individuals who find your land on Rentthisland.com can clearly identify which parcel is for rent if they choose to view your land in person. Ad Packs are automatically shipped to the address indicated in the landowner's account 'profile' page. If the landowner wishes the ad pack to be sent to a different address, he or she should contact Rentthisland.com to provide instructions. Ad Packs can offer more advertising exposure for your property, but landowners should be sure that they can post the signs themselves.

We do not recommend the purchase of Ad Packs for 2 week listings as this does not allow for enough time for shipping and adequate exposure before the listing ends. 
How do I answer questions on my listing?

If a question is asked about your listing, you will be notified by email. You can respond one of two ways:
1) You may simply 'reply' to the email you received from Rentthisland.com, typing your answer in between the two lines indicated in the email. (The email clearly says 'Insert Your Reply Below' and 'Insert Your Reply Above' the two lines). Replying to this email in the space indicated will automatically submit your answer. 
2) You can login to your account and view the listing page. At the bottom, you will see what question has been asked with a blue link underneath saying 'ANSWER QUESTION'. Simply click this link and a box will appear for you to type and submit your response. 
Please note that both questions and answers are moderated before being posted to the live website. Questions or answers that do not comply with the Terms & Conditions will not be approved. Specifying identifying personal information, contact information or price specifics about a piece of land are strictly prohibited. 
What can I do to make sure my listing is successful?

First, make sure your listing is created as completely and accurately as possible. The more detailed information you provide when you list land for rent, the easier it will be for farm operators to consider placing an offer. 

Second, answer the questions that are asked on your listing! If a farm operator takes the time to submit a question about your listing, there is a good chance they are interested in submitting an offer. Even if you do not know the specific answer to their question, it is always best to provide a response. Remember, land rental agreements are a two way arrangement, and farmers may be less willing to make an offer if they feel the landowner is not serious about providing information about the land or lease. The question board is how farmers complete their 'due diligence' before making an offer.
Third, make sure you follow the terms and conditions. You will receive the best offers on your land by waiting until your listing ends and reviewing the offers which have been received. If you are approached by someone else wishing to rent your land (asking you to take their offer instead of placing one through the website), you are more likely to face pressure to rent your land on the spot, without having the advantage of seeing the quality of farmers and what price range of offers you would have otherwise received. Following the 'rules' ensures a fair experience for all the farm operators, and it also helps you gain the most competitive offers.
Last, if you have any questions or concerns, contact us and we would be pleased to help!
What if someone contacts me directly (in person, by email, by phone) about renting my land? 

If this occurs, on a classified listing - great! Classified ads work this way.
If you have chosen a tender based advertisement, farmers should not be contacting you directly. This is not in your best intereste. You should direct the individual to review the listing details on Rentthisland.com, ask questions through the message board, and submit an offer (if they choose) through the website. You may not suggest an offer price, as doing so would break the terms and conditions of using Rentthisland.com, and unfairly disadvantage farm operators who are following the process. 
What happens if no offers are made by the time a listing closes?

If no offers were made by the time a listing closes, the landowner is free to re-list with Rentthisland.com, always at no cost, or to attempt to fill their lease through alternate means. 
If I use the tender process and am unhappy with the offers placed for my land, do I have to pick one?

Once a listing closes, the landowner is forwarded a summary of the total offers made, and the average value/acre offered. The landowner can review this information in order to decide if he or she would be satisfied with the value they could attain from a Rentthisland.com operator. A landowner may choose whether they would like to receive the detailed information, including operator profiles, contact information, and specific offer prices. Only after choosing to receive the detailed information is the landowner obligated to select one of the Rentthisland.com operators.  Landowners also have the ability to monitor the number of offers made and the average of the offers during the time a listing is live, providing the number of offers is greater than, or equal to five. 
For tender listings, how much time do I have to pick my tenant after the listing closes?

You have 10 days from the time your listing closes to make your selection. At the end of your listing period, you must review the number of offers received and the average price/acre offered in order to determine if you wish to receive the contact information and detailed offers which have been submitted. If you do not wish to proceed with viewing this information, you must indicate that selection in your account. If you wish to view the detailed offer information, you will need to submit your selection within 10 days from the time your listing ended. This will 'close out' your Rentthisland.com listing.

What happens if a landowner does not pick one of the operators for a tender listing?

A landowner who chooses to receive the detailed offers but decides not to select one of the offers will be subject to a renege fee equal to the service fee that would have been charged to the winning operator, or $500, whichever is less. This renege fee is necessary to ensure the integrity of our system for all parties. As a business, we need to safeguard our farm operator users from the rare and unfortunate scenario where a landowner would use Rentthisland.com's services to gain information about the value of their land, without the intention of actually renting it. Farm operators need to be assured that the offers they make are being received by a landowner who is acting in good faith. A landowner who chooses not to receive the detailed offers after the listing closes faces no penalties or obligations. 
Why is my credit card information required before receiving the detailed offer information?

Your credit card information is collected as collateral until you notify us of the operator you have selected.  Your card will not be charged, unless you renege on your commitment to select one of our operators, or fail to make your selection within 10 days of your listing's end. Again, this is only to ensure the integrity of our process. (Please note: a credit card is not required when the website is in 'free mode'...free means 'absolutely free' with no strings attached!)

What if my tender listing hasn't ended but I am already happy with the number of offers and prices? Can I choose to end my listing early?
A landowner who is monitoring the activity on their listing and becomes satisfied that they would be able to select a Rentthisland.com operator may choose to end their listing early. Doing so will trigger a 48 hour period within which final offers will be accepted. Rentthisland.com' system will automatically notify any farm operators who had flagged the listing on the 'watchlist', so they will not miss the opportunity to place an offer. 
Does RentThisLand.com help after the match is made? Will you help me finalize the lease?

Our services are defined very narrowly, within our capabilities and expertise, so we can do them very well and provide the highest standard of service to our clients! Rentthisland.com is an online service only. We provide a neutral website where landowners can list their land and farm operators can indicate their interest in renting land by submitting offers. Landowners must specify their own lease terms, and the landowners and operators are free to negotiate, amend their leases in whatever form they choose after using our service. Rentthisland.com is not in a position to verify information provided, give input into lease or payment terms, or enforce any of the above. We provide the online service to get you started but the rest is up to the individual parties to decide, carry out and enforce!