What is RentThisLand.com?

Rentthisland.com is a full-featured land rental website that has been designed to help landowners and farm operators create land lease matches. Rentthisland.com has many functions and features to take the time and hassle out of searching for land tenants, or finding available rental land. Unlike the traditional methods of renting land, Rentthisland.com helps landowners get the most exposure for their property, meanwhile making sure that interested farmers have the best chance of finding out about the opportunity. For more information, please review the questions below, and take a look at our 'How it Works' page to learn about the farm land for rent process. You can also find out more information at our 'About Us' page to understand how we reduce the time and hassle to lease land
Is RentThisLand.com an auction? 

No. The Rentthisland.com process is not an auction; it is a blind offer process. Farm operators who wish to rent a piece of land can submit a blind offer through the website. At no point does anyone publicly see who has made offers, or what has been offered. There is no up-bidding of price/acre. Farmers simply offer what they feel the land is worth. The landowner may select any farmer they choose, and based on any criteria they choose. When a listing closes, the landowner will be able to review the details of who has made an offer, how much they have offered, as well as a very valuable 'profile summary' for each farm operator. The profile summary acts as a resume where farmers can summarize what features of their operation make them the ideal choice to rent the land. The landowner may then contact any potential tenants to determine who will be the best fit for the lease agreement. 
Why is the offer process anonymous and exclusive?

An anonymous offer process is the best way to make sure the process is fair to all parties involved. During the time that a listing is active, farmers may not contact the landowner directly about a property, and landowners may not solicit offers outside of the Rentthisland.com process. This assures that all farmers are submitting an offer on an equal playing field (i.e. without insider knowledge of price ranges etc.). Only after the listing has ended will the landowner receive the information about who specifically has made offers, and what rental price has been offered. 

What if a landowner and operator want to use a crop-share pricing? Your system only allows offers to be expressed as a straight price/acre.  

Our system is not optimally designed to facilitate offers based on crop-share pricing. However, those wishing to enter into a crop-share agreement may still come to this arrangement. A landowner may mention in his listing that he/she would be open to a crop-share arrangement, or an operator may ask the landowner via the message board whether a crop-share arrangement would be considered. Neither the landowner or farm operators should assume that the other party will be open to a crop-share arrangement unless this expressly stated in the listing, or through the question/answer process. If it is determined that a crop-share scenario is welcomed, the operators should STILL express their offer in terms of a dollar value per acre. After the landowner receives all of the offer information and operator contact information, potential operators and the landowner are free to discuss an alternate pay structure, and draft their lease/payment terms in accordance. However, in all cases, Rentthisland.com's service fee will be charged according to the original per acre amount made at the time of offer. (Note: If our users express significant interest in crop-share pricing, we may consider updating our offer procedure in the future to accommodate!)

In instances where a landowner is positive that they only want to rent the land on a crop-share basis, RentThisLand.com will assign a $ price/acre that each farmer must input as their offer price. In these cases, RentThisLand.com's service fee will be based on the fixed offer price, charged only to the selected tenant. In these cases, we strongly encourage farmers to pay particular attention to their 'profile summary', making sure to highlight why they should be considered the best tenant. We also encourage farmers to submit supporting documentation at the time they place an offer, using our 'file upload' feature. This extra background information on your farm operation will assist landowners to identify the best fit for the lease. 

What if I need help?

By all means, contact us and we would be pleased to help. You can reach us toll free by telephone (1-855-RNT-LAND), by email (support@rentthisland.com), or through our online contact form. You can even check out Rentthisland.com's blog for all our farmland leasing updates.