to Pitch Unique Land Rental Service on CBC’s Dragon’s Den

18 February '14

We have an exciting announcement to make! For those who follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or Google Plus, you likely already know the big news, since we’ve already spilled the beans on social media. But for those who missed it, we (your team) will be making an appearance on Canada’s favorite TV program – CBC’s Dragon’s Den.
That’s right, can be seen pitching our distinctive land rental service to the Dragons on March 5th, starting at 8:00 p.m. EST. Mark your calendars - this is an episode you don’t want to miss! 
Dragon’s Den is the country’s highest-rated unscripted television program, and each week over 1.2 million Canadians tune in to watch entrepreneurs like ourselves face off against five intimidating, multi-millionaire venture capitalists: David Chilton (publishing powerhouse), Bruce Croxon (internet mogul), Arelene Dickinson (marketing maven), Kevin O’Leary (investment guru) and Jim Treliving (franchise baron).  
The story behind is really one of farmers doing what farmers do best – solving problems. If you’re familiar with farming, you know that there are always problems. In fact, problem solving has got to be the hallmark feature of this career – from flat tires, plugged augers, sick animals to loose livestock - problems are a daily occurrence and we get used to solving them on the fly. But occasionally there are outdated processes that no longer meet the industry’s needs. Renting farmland was an example of where the status quo needed an overhaul.  When we found ourselves frustrated with the inefficiencies of the land renting process, we felt like internet technologies were not being used to their potential whatsoever. That’s how the idea of was born. But like any birth, it was just the starting point, and innovating land leasing with a website was no simple matter. 
We made sure that the effort behind our approach addressed the complexity and importance of this market, because the people involved in the land rental market have distinctive needs. For every landowner and every land seeker, the values, goals and needs are highly unique – so we knew that an off-the-shelf program could never be the solution. We started thinking about objectives of a land rental service catering to a landowner’s needs– discovering the land’s value, minimizing hassle, maintaining full control, to name a few.  And similarly, we had to create the land rental service for a farm operator’s unique needs as well. We didn’t want our system to limit the flexibility and autonomy of either party. Our goal was to enhance every aspect of the land rental experience – not hinder it. Our questions led us to ideas, and every idea led to a feature or function of the website. Even then, fitting the components of a full-featured farmland rental service into something that functioned simply and beautifully on the user side, was a puzzle to piece together.

Our team will never forget the long nights with a 15 foot newsprint roll spread across the living room floor; we had cut-out cards for every idea we wanted to fit in, and placed them and re-placed them until everything fit just right. As we crafted the process, we drafted out the terms of service, or the ‘rules’ you might say, to make sure that the system worked fairly for everyone involved. The end result eventually made its way into a digital copy, which is what we took to a web developer with the instruction, ‘build this’.  Every click of the mouse on was at one point a piece of construction paper with scribbled writing, detailing the function and benefit we wanted it to offer for users like you!
While we have to keep our lips sealed about everything that took place in the Den, we can say that our goal was to convince the Dragons that our innovative Farmland rental website is a must use service for anyone and everyone involved in farmland rental including landowners, brokers, real estate agents, trustees, and of course – farmers!
We thought the Den was a great place to highlight that we are the only Canada wide full-featured land rental service.  We are the only website where Canadian landowners can:

*  Create simple, comprehensive land rental listings 
*  Instantly have their land listing shared with farmers who are actively looking for rental land
*  Find out the value of their farmland through a competitive (yet totally private) tender process
*  Maintain 100% of the flexibility and control about if, and to whom, they rent their land
*  ALL without paying a single cent! …and without any of the hassle of conventional methods. has been 100% custom created by farmers, to meet the needs of today’s landowners and land seekers.  We created because the alternative options for renting land were time consuming, left many farmers without the opportunity to make an offer, and left landowners wondering whether they were getting a fair price for their rental land, or whether they were connecting with all the potential tenants in the first place. 
We’re sure we’ve got a winning business, and hope that viewers who see on the show will agree. What better opportunity to spread the word than facing off with the Dragons on national television! 
What did we offer the Dragons, and what did we ask for in return? What did the Dragons think of Did we get burned, or did we shake hands? You’ll have to tune in to find out! 
For now, here are a couple sneak peeks from our pitch, courtesy of CBC! 


Jacob Brown, 5th March

Watching you guys on Dragon's Den right now...great presentation. Good luck! Jacob

peter velthuizen, 18th February

wow. canada wide? thats ambitious. good for you Kevin. best of luck